• joice

      Although the writers knew what they wanted from the very start. Robin was Ted’s ‘the one’ and all the character development all throughout the show didn’t matter because at the back of their heads, it was always Robin for Ted.

  1. I agree with you on this.

    Ted is my least liked character as well. And I have a feeling they will end up divorced. Unless Ted being who he is, leaves everything (his job and kids) para lang sumama-sama kay Robin kung saan man sya pumunta. And I will hate his character even more in my imagination of what’s likely to happen.

    I know that it was the plan from the beginning, since they already taped it and all. But with the way everything progressed, sometimes, you should not force things to go according to the plan.

    • joice

      Exactly my thoughts. Parang nawala ng sense lahat ng development ng characters all throughout the seasons, just because they already knew what they want to happen in the end. It didn’t make sense to me.

  2. I agree that it wasn’t the best ending. It was so predictable! Meeting the mother could have been Ted’s happy ending to show that he has matured and learned from his mistakes.

    It’s interesting that you brought up FRIENDS as a comparison, because I had always thought that HIMYM is “pa-FRIENDS” ang dating (they had similar plots). The big difference lang for me is that Barney carries the show, whereas the FRIENDS storyline is really about the 6 of them and wouldn’t have worked if any one of them was missing.

    I will have to disagree with you on the FRIENDS ending though. Ross and Rachel fought and broke up over the smallest things but the love between them never stopped. (Can you tell that I’m a huge FRIENDS fan?) :D

    • joice

      Haha! I can tell. I love Friends, I love the ending where they all move on with their lives and leave the apartment, except for the part where Rachel and Ross got back together. Masyado lang sya fairytale for me, di kase ako fan ng mga on-off relationships (just like Ted and Robin’s). I mean, couples don’t break up for nothing. But anyway, Friends is Friends, there’s no series like it. And, Chandler is Chandler. Haha

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