1. AngelaBee


    I’ll be doing a DIY day trip to Cebu as well and I find your website very informative. I’ll be carry a 45L backpack and I don’t want to carry it around when I’m doing the city tour myself. Is there a place to check my stuff in Sugbutel?

    • joice

      Hi Angela! If you’re checking in at Sugbutel, the dorm bed has a compartment for your things. There’s no lock though. You may rent a small locker for your valuables in the lobby instead.

  2. Agnes

    Hello Joice! I love your travel blog. My friend and I will be traveling to Cebu then visit Bohol along the way this April. Do you know if Tubigon Port is the best place to dock rather than in Pantalan (like where you came from going to Cebu)? Because I think Tubigon port is nearest to the Chocolate hills? If you don’t mind giving me a heads up if what port we should really be going on our way from Cebu to Bohol?

    • joice

      Hi Agnes! You’re right, Tubigon port is nearer the chocolate hills view deck, and I believe also offers cheaper fare. I took the Tagbilaran port though because I stayed for the night in the city. I flew in to Bohol, took the countryside tour, traveled back to Tagbilaran to stay for the night, so the pantalan was most accessible to me. If you’re coming from Cebu and planning to tour Bohol right away, you may of course take the Tubigon route, then do the countryside tour from there.

  3. Christ ian

    Hi, I am writing our 5D4N south cebu-bohol itinerary and I find your blog very informative. I just have a couple of question, how far is paglao to tagbilaran port? Is it really one whole day to do the countryside tour?


    • joice

      Hello Christian! Panglao is about 20-30 minutes away from tagbilaran seaport. As for the countryside tour, yes, it will take a whole day to visit the spots. The chocolate hills view point in Carmen alone is more than 2 hours away from the city. But most of the spots are along the way naman so it really depends on how long you’ll stay on each.

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