So… What’s Up?

Hey, blog. I’m so sorry for abandoning you. I didn’t really leave you though, technically. I mean, I was just here, and I checked on you quite regularly. It’s just that I had more important things to do in life, like, raise a daughter. But I’ve missed you so, and I kind of feel bad that you felt like I’ve abandoned you for good. I didn’t. Believe me.

So what’s up with me? Well, a lot’s been up with me. As you already know, I got married and had a baby. As of this writing, we’re two months away from our second wedding anniversary, and my daughter is already running around and singing Wind the Bobbin’ Up quite impressively. It has been an eventful one a half years. (And I’m not sure why my tears are rolling down as I write that last line)

I’ve also gone back to working full time. It was a bit of a journey and there were tons of challenges before I finally decided to work again. I thought it’ll be easier now that I already have a toddler, but raising a kid is no joke. I’d say my role as a mom is possibly the hardest act I’ve put myself in. It’s inexplicably difficult.┬áI am tired beyond belief every day, and I have never doubted myself this much. Imagine doubting yourself every single day — your thoughts, your decisions, your skills, everything single thing you do — it’s unhealthy really but there’s just no way around it. As a mom, or a parent for that matter, you’re bound to reproach yourself if anything untoward happens to your child.

I just realized that I talked about my mommahood┬áissues when I was supposed to talk about me going back to work. Lol. That’s just a classic example of momma brain.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling for now. I’ll be finishing my entries about our wedding, and will most likely share with you my labor story as well. I’ll probably talk a bit of my work-from-home stint, too. Those are my three main target topics for this coming month of October.

So, bye! Talk soon.

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