August 21, 2015

Countdown: 100 days

Lagare sa Wedding Prep :D

Can you believe it’s only 100 days til November 29? Because it took me around 2 hours to realize that time just flew like that and we’re on our last 100 days of preparation. A little over 3 months to go, it’s crazy!!! Although the big day is almost here, I’m not really panicking or anything like that, I always feel like peace of mind is one of the perks of having a wedding in the province, everything is so laid back. :)

Anyway, a few weeks ago, we met with our photographer Efjay Deleon to sign our contract and finalize the details for our engagement shoot (which will be next week, by the way). I’ve been talking to Efjay for a few months now and I like how light it is to talk to him. I just feel very lucky that we found a young talented artist like him that is soooo affordable, I mean I think his rates are way under than what he can actually deliver (I maybe overselling him, but he’s very very talented in my opinion). I can’t wait to work with him on our engagement shoot and on the wedding day :)

That same week we also met Marco Magdaluyo of Photo Edge  who will do our wedding video coverage. I believe we got another lucky pick with him :) Another very talented and kind artist. He let us see some of their other works and we signed our contract. I am excited for our wedding coverage, I’m pretty sure we’re in good hands :) I love his song choices in SDEs, and although I have a particular song in mind that I want to use for ours, I decided to leave it all to Marco. He knows exactly what fits the mood of the video :)

Last August 15, we met my choice of couturier, Mr. Paul Manuel. Again, a very nice pick in my opinion. Aside from his unbelievably affordable quotation on my peg dress, he was very easy to talk to, and you just got to love him for being happy and gay. We’re scheduled to have my first fitting on September 12. I am beyond excited!! I know it’s quite late that we’re only fitting now, but he promised me that my dress (and Dan’s suit) will be done in a month, maximum. I’ll also be choosing my accessories from his atelier :) Here is my peg gown, by the way. I wanted him to tweak some to fit me better (as I’m not as skinny as this model). :) Photo from here.


We were also able to get our wedding rings last Sunday. I think I will have to do a separate blog post on our wedding ring hunt :)

And lastly, I got my wedding shoes <3 I know, I know, 3 months is still probably a long time for the small details like shoes, but I have this vision of how I want my shoes to be. I have a few requirements — I want it to be a little more bongga than my dress, since as you can see my dress will be very plain and simple, and I want it to be at most a 2-in heel. I don’t want to wear sky high heels since I love how my height pairs with Dan’s height. When I saw this particular shoes, that was it, I was sold! And best of all, it’s very inexpensive. :)

I feel like we’ve done a lot with the preps this month, and tomorrow will actually be the day of the official pamamanhikan :)

Love love. <3



June 18, 2o15

Countdown: 165 days

Finally, An Update!

I can’t believe it’s been 79 days since I last update this part of my blog. Time surely flies fast, and I mean reaaaaaaally fast. Our wedding will be in 5 months, it’s crazy! I’ve been meaning to transfer all these blog updates onto my main blog, but I just can’t find the time to do so. So I’ll just keep my updates here for now.

Anyway, so what’s up with the preps? I believe everything is going really well. Last month, Dan and I finally told my parents of our plans. We’ve been planning for it for months and we just couldn’t find the right time, and enough courage, if you may. But I am sure very proud of Dan, I loved how he did everything. A few months ago he was joking about saying “Akin na ho itong anak ninyo” to my parents because we seriously didn’t know how to go about telling them. But that faithful night when we decided to just tell them upfront, he did the classic “Hihingin ko na po ang kamay ng anak nyo, magpapakasal na po kami”. I didn’t expect that as I thought it would be very casual and informal, the way he always is around me and my family. Gladly, my parents responded positively (not that I was expecting otherwise), my mom even joked about me crying (yes, I cried!!!). My dad was very gentle with everything, he was just a little sad about the limited number of guests on our planned wedding (you know, Tatay is a social butterfly). But everything went well and I’m more than happy to finally, finally tell our parents about it. Tatay wanted Dan to bring his whole family to our place so they can bond real soon. <3

Another major thing that happened was of course, our supplier hunt. After much contemplation, we (well, mostly I) decided to let go of our booking with Studio1. It was a major decision for us especially we are on a tight budget, but I had to do it. I’ve always been half hearted with them, since most of their works is either a hit or a miss. I couldn’t risk our wedding like that. I know in my heart I was in for the free stuff when we booked them, but I was never really impressed with their works. And everytime I visit their vimeo account to see their new videos, I was never excited. In my head there’s always this thought that if only we could afford another team, I definitely would drop them right away. Some brides would say you have to have that “this is it” feeling when it comes to booking a supplier for your wedding day. I never had that with them. So while I was looking around for better photography teams online (and hoping we could afford them), I saw one that really caught my eye. His shots were fresh and fun and light, exactly how I want our wedding (and engagement) photos to be. I contacted this certain photographer and chatted with him for sometime and fell in love even more. He’s a young and budding wedding photographer, who’s very fun and easy to talk to, which explains the freshness of his shots. After much deliberation with Dan, I decided to go with this new photog I found and just let go of our deposit to Studio1, to which he just told me, “ikaw bahala, mas alam mo naman yan”, which is very groom-y of him lol. So there’s my story of how we booked a new photography team. Because I feel like I’m already friends with this new photog, I asked for recommendations for a videography team from him. And he just have the same taste as mine, I liked all his recommended teams but had to choose one, which I already did. We’re already working on our schedule to meet with them both for contract signing. I am excited! At least now with these new teams, I wouldn’t be worried that our wedding might be a miss. What’s a few thousand bucks if it meant my peace of mind. Haha.

And we’re also done with our invitation layout! I did the whole thing, and the only thing that’s undone are the names of our principal sponsors (yes, we don’t have a complete list yet haha). The rest of the entourage are final already. Our invitation is very simple, made from MS Word, and will be printed at home. I wanted it to look like very laid back, a little rustic but not too much, simple and dainty, and I hope I did just that. :) I probably will be posting our invitation here once our sponsors names are complete. :)

I also will be having my first gown fitting this Saturday, yey! I am very excited. I’m not sure yet if I’ll have Dan come with us but, bahala na. I am excited!!! Although my body is not wedding-gown-ready, I know my heart is, chozz!

By the way, our new photographer is Efjay De Leon, and our videographer is Marco Magdaluyo of Photo Edge Designs. :) And for the nth time (and surely the last), I revised our wedding monogram! Click on the The Carrs tab up there. :)

Til next update!



March 29, 2015

Countdown: 244 days

Church: Booked!

And yes, we booked our reception venue before deciding on our church. After enough church hopping around Lipa, we finally find ‘the one’! I have a few criteria when it comes to my church of choice and the one that we booked just fits. Pasok sa banga, to say the least.

Here a few of the churches we considered:


St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Beautiful, dainty little chapel that is 5km away from our reception venue. Altar is pretty. Its interior is round, so it looks as if it’s a huge church but in reality it’s not that big. Downside is, interior is a little dark, and it’s along the highway. Parking in front of the chapel is cramped too.



San Sebastian Cathedral
Main cathedral in Lipa. Very photogenic, and very, very huge for my liking. Parking lot is spacious, but because it’s located within the city proper (few blocks from Lipa public market), the location is a little busy with vendors and public transports. Not appealing to me.



Capilla de Baserri
Inside Baserri (our reception venue) is a small quaint unwalled chapel. THIS WAS OUR TOP CHOICE, initially. When I saw this one, I was sold that this is it. It’s cozy, it had a view of the Mt. Malarayat, and of course it’s beside our reception. It didn’t need styling, it didn’t need flowers. It is just beautiful. Since this is a private chapel, we had to ask permission from the archdiocese to hold our wedding mass in here. After much deliberation, sadly, we weren’t allowed to be wed in here. So we had to let it go.



Mary, Mediatrix of all Grace
And then we found this. We’ve been meaning to visit this church since we always see it along the way. It’s a relatively new church (was built only a few years ago). It’s not as small as I wanted it to be, but everything else about it, I love! The interior is lovely, and its location is perfect — it’s in the middle of a freaking huge landscape. The view is just beautiful! We went to the parish office just last Sunday and booked our date right away.


The truth is, booking our wedding in this church is probably the biggest push forward in our preps. I was pumped! Even though we didn’t get our first choice, this one was as lovely. I am more than excited right now, I updated everything in this wedsite. Haha!




March 15, 2015

Countdown: 257 days

Photo/Video: Booked!

In 8 months and a few days I will be marrying the most amazing man. It’s overwhelming, and still feels too good to be true. But all is well, awesome to say the least.

We went to our very first (and probably last) bridal fair last January to update our suppliers list. We only booked one supplier though. Haha! I was overwhelmed with how many suppliers you can find in fairs, and how expensive they are. Lol. And since we’re having our wedding in Batangas, their out of town fees are ceiling high as well.

We booked Studio1 Photography and Videography at the fair. We were blinded by the free stuff they’re willing to give us! Plus our friend who got married last year also got their services. So it was good. And their out of town fee was discounted as well.

So far, we’ve had smooth transactions with them. They respond promptly, and we were able to slightly customize the package we got from them. Here are the details of our personalized package:


  • 2 photographers
  • 1200-1500 photos in large digital format
  • 40 pages 8×10 magnetic album
  • Half day prenuptial pictorial within MM


  • 1 videographer with professional HD camera
  • Wedding video in DVD format
  • Raw capture wedding video
  • Professional lighting setup
  • Direct audio patch system


  • 16×20 Blow up canvass photo
  • 10 pages 10×8 panoramic guestbook
  • Audiovisual presentation (growing up + prenup photos)
  • On site video production
  • LCD projector with screen
  • 43″ digital frame
  • Photobooth with personalized backdrop for 3 hrs
  • 150 pcs Thank You cards
  • Save the Date video
  • 3pcs Photo Gallery

I think we really got a good deal from them, and I really really hope they deliver well on the day. We were warned by our friend regarding punctuality issues with Studio1, so I guess we have to be very strict about that.




March 3, 2015

Countdown: 270 days

Reception Venue: Booked!

Our first stop that Sunday was the Casa Luminaria. The Casa is a private resort with so many rustic details. I loved it! The cottages, the pool, the whole feel of the place was very laid back, relaxed, and antique. Haha. I loved it there. The cottages they offered us are the ones with attic, which was very nice. The place was very cozy and homey, nothing too modern which I like. Kuya Edwin, who toured us around the place, was very helpful and he was Pangalatok as is Dan. The rental of the place is a little expensive though, and the charges for electricity, resort staffs, are all separate. So it was quite pricey in a larger scale.


Next stop was La Finca Country Club, just right across the Casa. I loved La Finca. The pool was huge, with the tall coconut trees as backdrop. Their sunken garden is very spacious which I liked. The preps room good enough, and I love the couple room with a small pool in its front yard. Among the three, La Finca is the cheapest.


Last venue ocular was Baserri de Lipa which was a few kilometers away from St. Therese. I first heard of Baserri from my brother in law when they had their company Christmas party in there last year. Even before I saw Baserri in person, I was almost certain I want our wedding reception to be held there. It’s very photogenic, and the place was spacious. I loved it the first time I saw it on pictures. To be honest, it was better in real life. Overall, the landscape in Baserri is beautiful. They have this nice huge main house called Casa Blanca, which has probably one of the roomiest hotel rooms ever. They were very generous with space! Haha. But everything was beautiful.


After much contemplating and finances discussion with Dan, we finally decided on our venue, and booked Baserri de Lipa for our wedding reception. We also rented the Casa Blanca as our preparation venue! We’ll be visiting the place again to meet with the owners (I’ve been exchanging emails with them for quite sometime now). After booking Baserri, our vision board for how we want our wedding to look like kind of clears off already. I love it!



October 14, 2014

Countdown: 411 days

Bridal Hair Peg

If there’s one part of my body that I really, really, really like, it’s got to be my hair. I’ve had long hair most of my life and people seem to always get a little shocked when I tell them that my curls are natural. Last year, I decided to cut my hair pixie-short, and I loved it. I am trying to grow it now, and with its current length, I am loving it as well. So as of this moment, I am torn with how I want my hair to be on my wedding day — because I love everything that my hair can be transformed to, whether it’s my natural long locks, my pixie, or this bob that I’m sporting right now.

If I let my hair grow long until next year, I’d probably want a very simple soft updo for my wedding. Something that is relaxed and a little messy, which can pulled down for a reception look. Something that Jessica Alba would wear, like this:


This do is very basic and simple and would look good with any accessories. I also like that it’s sleek, yet not too glam.

But I love the length of my hair now. If anything, I want to keep this length and I looooove how my hair now looks when curled. It just screams effortless sophistication to me. If I were to keep my hair now for my wedding, I want it to look like this:


I really love this hairstyle as it is very me — effortless, laidback, and just girly overall. But I understand that having this kind, and wearing a veil is not a very good idea as the veil, especially if the traditional one, will definitely ruin this style and it will require loads of touch ups, which on my part of course is a hassle.

Now, this is my ultimate plan — that is to grow my hair long, and then have my pixie fix a few months before the wedding. I loved my pixie then, and I want to sport the same style for my wedding. I know that almost all, if not all, brides would want their hair long on their wedding day, but count me out. I want my sleek chic pixie hair on my wedding. I have naturally curly wavy hair, so I want it to look like this:


I seriously am in love with this look. I know that wearing a veil in this style would ruin it too, but… it’s just so pretty. I seriously can let go of the veil so long as I can sport my pixie on my day.

But then again, I’m not sure yet. So, I don’t know. But so far, the third style is my top style pick.

What do you think?



September 15, 2014

Countdown: 440 days

Wedding Priorities

1. Reception — food, booze, entertainment (music, emcee, lights, the party itself)
Ako kase personally, ito ang pinakanaalala ko when i go to weddings. I want good food, enough alcohol, good music.

2. Wedding rings
Simply because we’re going to wear it everyday for a looooong time.

3. Honeymoon
We’ve been planning our honeymoon even before we settled our wedding date. Hihi

4. Church/Mass
I want a small chapel that needs as little styling as possible. At the same time, I’m not a fan huge cathedrals as I want a very private intimate solemn ceremony. Outdoor ang unang plan namin but we already dismissed the idea. So in searching for our chapel, gusto namin open sya, with at least a garden view outside. Luckily we found this one already! And my sister already asked her priest friend to officiate the mass for us. So, solved!

5. P/V
Sa tingin ko, most P/V services deliver the same output. Hindi ako masyadong posey-posey type so we got a team that delivers more candid shots. And syempre, budget wise, it’s perfect! :D

6. Groom’s suit
I feel like the groom’s suit is eventually more useful than the bridal gown. I mean, my guy can wear the suit on other occasions but I can’t just wear my wedding gown besides on my wedding day diba. Fiance is not really into dressing up so he doesn’t own a lot of formal wears so I want this one to be tailor-made for him. 

The least of our priorities naman include:

1. Flowers and styling
We initially wanted an outdoor beach ceremony and reception para wala ng styling na kelangan masyado. But since we’re not pushing through with that, we looked for an outdoor venue with a view and is beautiful on its own. Not a personal fan of flowers even.

2. Hair and make up
Initially, I wanted to do my own hair and makeup. I’m not a professional pero it’s a raket I do on the side. I’m still considering doing my own. Besides my abays can have their own HMU done naman somewhere else.

3. Wedding Gown/Entourage’s gowns
I want a simple, non-poofy wedding gown that I think any amateur designer can make. Hindi ako fan ng maraming detalye I just want a simple long ecru (or even a little darker) dress. Besides, I don’t want to spend so much on something that I’ll only wear once. With the entourage, I want something they can use after, so we’re not going to do the usual pang-abay gowns. We’re looking at plain white scoop neck top paired with maxi skirt.

4. OTD
Who needs an OTD team when you have a sister as hands on as mine? :)

5. Invites and souvenirs for guests and PS
I guess and pinakaimportant sa invitation namin is the map. Haha. That’s it. All the rest I can DIY. For souvenirs, we want something useful, so we’re thinking of fresh pears or pastillas :)



September 15, 2014

Countdown: 440 days

A not-so-crafty bride’s DIY ideas

The title said it, i’m not crafty. I was never into any visual art form, even when I was a kid. The closest thing to be artsy that I like is probably my love for movies, music, and makeup. Other than that, I can not even draw a straight line, or cut a cloth without ruining it.

When I tell my friends about our wedding preps, they’d always ask me if I’m a hands-on bride. The truth is, I’d probably say I am. When I’m so in the mood for preps, I’d spend most of my day on wedding forums, pinterest, and other wedding blogs. What I like so much about doing so is that I am actually learning a lot — that I don’t have to be so crafty for my dream wedding to have a touch of myself. Everything starts with an idea.

Here are some of the DIY wedding ideas I am considering for our wedding:

  • Invitations. I actually have made the template for our invite and so far I’m sticking to that. I’m still thinking if I want to do the watercolor painting on the printer paper itself, or just have it printed somewhere.
  • Sweets buffet. Of course there will be candies, pastillas maybe, marshmallows, and little chocolates. This is what we’re doing instead of cocktails while waiting for the dinner reception. Knowing my guests, this will be more enjoyable than cocktails.
  • Mobile bar. This one I’m not sure yet how to execute, but I’m thinking of just placing buckets of local beer and ice and just open it for everyone to enjoy.
  • Photobooth. I’m not really a fan of photobooths, I think they’re overdone nowadays, but for the sake of memories, I want to have a photobooth on my wedding, but I don’t personally want to shell out a few thousands just for this. So what I’m thinking is just using a laptop with webcam for the camera, and a photobooth software which I’m sure is downloadable out there. No printer as I don’t want printed photos, since people would just want there photos shared online. My biggest DIY in here would be the backdrop design and the props to be used in the photobooth.
  • Yarn lanterns and other venue decorations. We chose a venue that is beautiful on its own so we need as little styling as possible. I’m not going to hire an event stylist for my wedding, as I want to DIY and conceptualize the whole look of the venue myself. I’m not so much into cloth drapes. I want simple, minimalist, rustic, dainty decors. I have a few ideas in mind which I will share very soon.




August 28, 2014

Countdown: 459 days


Here’s a conversation between me and Dan last night about our wedding preps.

Me: Mahal na masyado.
Him: Oo nga eh, kung pwede lang pakasal na tayo civil this year para less preps, less gastos.
Me: Pwede naman eh.
Him: *laughs*
Me: Bat ka tumatawa?
Him: Hindi naman pwedeng civil lang. Hindi papayag si Mama mo.
Me: Bakit naman hindi? Tayo naman ikakasal, tayo magdedecide.
Him: Eh syempre bunso ka, tapos ganun lang, baka mapahiya pa ako.
Me: Hmm
Him: Tsaka magugulat din si Mama ko if ever. Gusto nya sa church tayo.
Me: *sniff sniff*

This conversation made me realize that he really wants to give me my dream wedding, not just for me, but for my parents as well. He wants to prove to my parents that I will be spoiled like how they did to me, that I will be given everything I need and more. I get his point, and I understand that as a man, he wants to look like a knight in shining hard hat (he’s an engineer) to me. When he says things like these, it just melts my heart. Right now, all I want is to be his Mrs, to be married to him. It’s not really the wedding that I’m looking forward to, but the life we’re building after that, so a civil ceremony is just fine by me. But, okay, let’s give him that knight in shining hard hat moment…

After that conversation, I realized that yes, I want to be his Mrs — he doesn’t want a civil ceremony, but it doesn’t have to be on the beach, either. I know that having the wedding on the beach will cost us most of our savings, and to be honest, I’m not all up for that. In reality, I want a wedding that will reflect how we are as a couple, wherever the ceremony will be.



August 27, 2014

Countdown: 460 days


My first update on our wedding website! Yey!

The truth is, I just want our wedding to be very simple with good food, music, and company. We’re not a very formal couple so of all wedding themes there is, I want ours to be laid back, relaxed, and candid.

When Dan and I started planning the wedding, I told him I want it to be on the beach, which was weird because I was never a fan of fancy weddings like that. The funny thing is, he wanted the same thing, during sunset, with our immediate family and closest friends.

For the ceremony, we still haven’t decided whether to have it on the beach front or on the chapel. Either way, here’s an inspiration on how I want the ceremony venue to look like.


from La Luz Facebook Page

beach front

I prefer benches more than chairs, really, so that photo above (from pinterest) would totally be perfect if there were benches instead of chairs. Since we’re doing it outdoors, or in an open chapel, I’m not in for too much drapes, decors and flowers. I want an overall minimalist feel.

For the reception, I want wooden tables with nice burlap drape, and wooden benches as well. I couldn’t find a picture of how I want the reception table to be, but that’s how I imagine it. Some details I want for the reception include the table numbers/centerpiece, and burlap cutlery holder.

burlap cutlery holder

This without the lace details, it’s too girly for me lol

mason jars table numbers centerpiece

This are my centerpieces peg. I actually want my flower accents to be just that simple.


For the invitations, I’ve made a sample template from I actually liked how it turned out! I wanted a message in a bottle kind of invitation, hence the invitation will only be a single page. As usual, I want it to be very simple and just dainty. Words were by me, composed from pinterest ideas.


invitation tag

Invitation tag

sample invite template 2

Sample template I made

That’s it for our recent wedding prep update! I’m not really into the full blown planning stage yet but I think we’re so much ahead with our plans, which is good. Til next!



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